Bat Exodus

I've been looking all over for this video! We visited Bridget and Allison a few years back for their birthday and were fortunate to be treated to a bat exodus at a nearby cave!

Behemoth Cave, Utah

Enjoyed a fantastic trip to Utah this Labor Day weekend. Behemoth Cave is near Arches National Park.  Rick Rhinehart, Donald Davis, John McClain, Ken Headrick, Mike, me and Guano made up our little group.

Behemoth Photos

Alabaster Caverns, Oklahoma

Mike, Ken Headrick, Tracy White and I make our first stop at Alabaster Caverns, Oklahoma on the way to the National Speleological Society "Bat Ball" for New Year's Eve.

Alabaster Caverns Photos

Cave of the Clouds, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Mike and I and several caving friends (Patricia Malone, Layla Borgens, Dan Sullivan, LP Lawrence and Ken Headrick) visited Cave of the Clouds today.  There is a possibility that the land owner may want to sell the property and we were curious to check it out and discuss making an offer on it.

Springs Antelope Cave, Utah

An epic trip to Utah with friends Justin, Shi, Danielle and Wes. We climbed Notch Peak, spent hours investigating Springs Antelope Cave, and hit Crater Cave for a swim on the way back home : )
Springs Antelope Cave Photos