Cave Archaeology Site of the Week: Laas Gaal Cave Paintings, Somalia

Laas Gaal Cave Paintings in Somalia

Cave Mineral of the Week: Metatyuyamunite, Malachite

 Donald G. Davis - Extraordinary features of Lechuguilla Cave, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico. Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 62(2): 147-157


Bat Guest of the Week: The Hoary Bat

"The hoary bat is the largest bat found in the northern part of North America and lives among the evergreen trees in the mountains. It is a fairly common bat in North America and can also be found in South America and the Hawaiian islands. It stands out among the other of bats by its large size, pointed wings and irregular flight. The wings spread out to about 15 inches (38 cm). The term "hoary" refers to the white frosting on its coat. "

2014 Bat Guest of the Week: Western Pipistrelle"Parastrellus hesperus is the smallest bat in the United States.[5] It has a wingspan of 190–215 mm[5] and a body length of 62–80 mm" Read more about this little guy, also known as "the Canyon Bat," at the above link!